Command-line script that creates encrypted web-pages with a password form (a bit like robinmoisson/staticrypt) it uses gpg to encrypt and OpenPGP.js to decrypt. Passphrases can be provided in a text-input or with the URL selector (#...).


The script is generated into _build/hscrypt with make, to install it:

make install BINDIR=$HOME/bin


You can use a file:

printf 'Hello\n===\n\nThis *is* a `test`\n' | pandoc -s -o /tmp/test.html
hscrypt -f /tmp/test.html -p test-pass-phrase -o /tmp/hscrypt-test.html

Open hscrypt-test.html or hscrypt-test.html#test-pass-phrase.

or directly a string:

hscrypt -s "This is another test" -p testtest -o /tmp/hscrypt-test2.html